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Student Output


Things to consider:

  • Be patient and provide time for your students to respond. (3-5 seconds at times)

  • Encourage Full Sentences. Use Modeling & TPR do get them talking more than you.


Lower Level Students: 50/50

Students need very strong teacher guidance. Ideally, a student would speak about half (50%) of the class time at this level (levels 2-3).

At level 1, the student’s interest in learning English must first be nurtured before output becomes a focus.

Higher Level Students: 70/30

Student independence is encouraged. The teacher lets the student dictate class pace more, especially if natural conversation is occurring. Ideally, a student should speak for a majority (70%) of the class (levels 4+).



  1. Students should speak more than you.

  2. Achieve this by encouraging full sentences and correct them.

  3. Be patient - give them time to process

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 4.15.05 AM.png

Are you happy?

I am happy.

(Full sentence please.)