Coaches Offer Support

During a Live “Fast Pass” Coaching Event, VIPKid teachers are available to coach and support applicants through the application process.

1. Applicants will actively engage with coaches and other participants during the session.

  • Applicants will log into the teaching portal and view materials.

  • Handouts of presentations notes and tips will be provided.

  • Applicants can make notes.

  • Before leaving the coaching session, a ‘Mock Class’ will be scheduled through the Certification Center for applicants to complete at home.

2. Applicants will practice skills and receive feedback.

  • Coaches will demonstrate how to implement best practices.

  • Coaches will assist and monitor applicants as they practice.

3. Coaches will collect feedback about how applicants are doing as they practice.

  • This information will be given to the applicants as they are leaving in order to help them as the continue to practice at home.

4. Tips for Practicing will be given and applicants will learn how to log into the portal to attend their ‘Mock Class’ in the Certification Center. (

5. For additional support or to ask technical questions, please email: