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Energy & Engagement 

Being Friendly

At VIPKID, the experience that the students, and therefore the parents, have is highly important; especially if teachers hope to see familiar faces and be booked more frequently. Having the right attitude is paramount to providing a positive experience for students because they will notice if their teacher is angry, upset, frustrated, or having a bad day. By being friendly and encouraging, teachers can positively influence the student and the class.

Being Attentive

Teachers need to truly focus on the student. Active listening isn’t only nodding the head and giving a response, it’s making and holding eye contact to observe the student and their output fully. After teachers do this, they can then start to engage the student.

It is important to engage the student and respond them as individuals based on their interests and language ability.

Building Rapport .

A standard introduction engages the student from the initial greeting, then gauges their level, ability, and personality while familiarizing the student with the subject. This can be done by asking level appropriate questions or through conversation.